Georgia McKenna
Teen Diamond West Yorkshire

Hello my name is Georgia Mckenna. I absolutely love the pageant world and the girls that are in it. It makes me so happy to be apart of something so wonderful and glamorous.

I am a college student, I wish to gain qualifications in all areas of beauty so that I can expand and open my own beauty boutique.

Princess Diana is my ultimate inspiration, this lady gave so much to people who were in need but also she wasn’t afraid to put herself in situations others avoided. Not only did princess Diana rock her very own tiara but she gave way more than was expected of her…this is something that I would do. I often wonder if she realised just how many hearts and lives she touched. One of them being mine.

I come from a hard working family, my parents have ordinary jobs…my mum is a nurse and my dad is a HGV driver. I have been raised to have a goal in life, something to aspire to and achieve. I’m hard working, determined and motivated to get where I need to be and when doing this I enjoy meeting new friends along the way.


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